Old Mother Hubbard Meaties Extra Chicken Flavor Dog Treats

We have a six year old Silky Terrier, and she is spoiled rotten. My husband gives her “people” food all the time, to my chagrin. He used to give her real cheese as treats to teach her tricks and reward her for good behavior. During one of our vet appointments I was informed that our dog is slightly over weight. Of course I blame hubby for this, and so a year ago I started looking for better choices for our reward treats. It was a work in progress, with several brands being tried along the way. Our latest find is Old Mother Hubbard Treats.

I have never found these dog treats in a regular grocery store, but we now have a large Petco in our town, and lucky for us, they sell a large assortment of these types of treats. I used to buy Charlie Bear treats (quite similar to the Old Mother Hubbard), but Petco only offered those in the Cheese amp; Egg flavor, and our Silky prefers chicken. Our dog groomer also sells Old Mother Hubbard, but her prices are slightly higher. If you don’t have a Petco in your town, check out your local groomer.

Old Mother Hubbard Treaties come in three flavors: Chicken, Liver and Lamb. I have not tried the two latter flavors, only the Chicken. The package is 7 1/2 ounces, and is a handy resealable plastic pouch. The treats are more like crackers in my opinion, but I love them because they are very small … bite size for even a small dog. The tiny size makes them perfect for training treats. Better yet, my dog loves them! I got the bag out to aid in writing this review, and as soon as she heard the crackle of the bag, she was at my feet immediately. She knows what that sound is!

My husband insists on feeding our Silky “canned” dog food, which I don’t agree with. I don’t think it is good for her teeth, which is another reason I like these little “cracker treats”, they are crunchy, and I feel that she is at least getting something that is helping clean her teeth while she is eating them.

The price is a little high, almost $5 at our Petco, but there are a LOT of treaties in this bag, and it lasts for several months. So in the long run, they really are a very affordable treat.

The company dubbs these as treats for adult dogs, and makes the claim that they are “natural”. Indeed, in reading the ingredients, I don’t see a lot of chemicals and preservatives. I especially like the fact that there are no artificial colorings added. In deciding what ingredients to use in their products, Old Mother Hubbard seeks out advice from veterinarians, scientists, and nutritionists. Here are the ingredients so you can see for yourself what goes into these treats:

The Old Mother Hubbard package has a warning that these treats may cause staining on carpeting, furniture or wood floors. I think the molasses ingredient would most likely be the culprit, but honestly, these treats are never on the floor! They go right from my hand do our Silky’s mouth! I was really surprised to read that they may cause staining on a wood floor! We have wood floors in our kitchen and dining room, and nothing has ever stained them! Certainly not these treats. It’s just my opinion, but I would think these would have to become wet somehow, in order to leave a stain.

Dog treats are not very valuable to me if our dog doesn’t like them. The fact is, our Silky LOVES these treats. She does “tricks” every evening at bedtime, and I usually give her two or three of these. It has now become a part of our night time routine. If I forget to give them to her, she comes and sniffs my face (while I am in bed) to remind me! I have not noticed that they have added to her weight gain at all, in fact I believe she has probably slimmed down a little bit since we took away the real cheese as treats and starting giving her these cracker like treats. I will know when we go to our next vet appointment.

My husband has also gotten into the habit of giving our Silky a treat when he (we) leave the house, and we have a pouch of treaties in the entryway as well. When we used to give our dog bone shaped treats, we always had to break them up because they were too large for her. With these treats they are already the perfect tiny size. No more hassles with that!

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